New Opportunities Xenon Arc finds new opportunities by illuminating patterns that invite action. We employ technology to clarify complex data and provide new insights.

    Great PartnersXenon Arc has developed technologies and resources that give clients the power to more effectively serve and monetize all of their customers.

    New Solutions Xenon Arc melds advanced technologies with novel approaches to create innovative solutions that extend your enterprise.

    Extend Your Brand Xenon Arc provides powerful solutions that are rigorously aligned with your brand to enhance visibility and extend your reach.

    Accelerate Your Enterprise Xenon Arc offers the teams, processes, and customer-intimate technology your enterprise needs to provide individualized service and create new opportunities.
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Our Guiding Principles  

We are a team-based company of peers who respect critical thinkers more than true believers.

We value talent and resourcefulness over tenure.

We support creativity, innovation and risk-taking and are not afraid to make mistakes.

We turn challenges into opportunities by being direct, respectful and collaborative.

We continually seek out and implement more productive and innovative approaches, methodologies and tools.

We communicate openly and honestly.

We place execution over perfection.

We believe everything is a process.
We actively expose and evaluate patterns as a means to continuously improve.

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About Xenon ArcShowing The Way Forward

Xenon Arc has developed technologies and resources that give clients the power to more effectively serve and monetize all of their customers. Our service-based approach helps companies execute plans that lead to market advantages, new opportunities, rapid growth and increased profitability.

  • Directibility

    By providing major materials producers with an exclusive channel to market for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Directibility reduces complexity while increasing customer connections. SMEs are notoriously difficult to serve because each has unique and complex needs, but Directibility transforms these difficulties into assets.

    Using customizable services and unparalleled business intelligence, Directibility gives the producer direct control over brand and customer relationship. And because it provides the producer with a single service portal for all SME customers, Directibility also minimizes complexity and associated costs.

    Forging a direct, intimate, and ongoing relationship with your SME segment.

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  • Intermediary Intelligence

    Systematically analyzing current and potential channel partners is an opportunity that most industrial enterprises miss.

    You don’t have to.

    Intermediary Intelligence provides live channel intelligence for a 360 degree view of the competitive landscape.

    Forging accurate, actionable Channel Intelligence.

  • In The Works

    Xenon Arc blends strategy, creativity, technology and process solutions to tackle current and future business challenges.

    More offerings are in the works and coming soon.

    Forging transformative change is what we do.

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We love talking about your big ideas almost as much as we love turning them into realities.

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