About Xenon Arc

Xenon Arc was started in 2010 by a group of founders who had the vision to change the paradigm and perception of distribution, and how to optimally serve the small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the industrial materials industry.  Prior to Xenon Arc, they successfully grew a major distribution industry participant  from zero to a globally-recognized company by maximizing the traditional distributor model.  However, to complete the paradigm shift, the founders recognized the need to emerge from underneath the encumbrances of legacy culture, processes and technologies to launch a new, disruptive, digitized, producer-centric model – a model focused on driving growth and profitability, intensifying customer intimacy, improving operational efficiencies, and strategically aligning interests while eliminating conflicts at all levels of client engagements. 

With venture support from Weston Presidio, a renown, blue-chip private equity firm, and as a registered participant in the Microsoft BizSpark start-up program, Xenon Arc developed and refined the business model into two general, tech-enabled service offerings, XA Direct and XA Distribute.  Both offerings are highly customizable to tailor to the needs of producer clients.

Each offering leverages Xenon Arc’s core strengths: domain expertise in small-to-mid-sized customers; managing the cost and complexity of the small-to-mid-sized customer “tail”, and the development and deployment of the analytic engine, highlighted by dynamic people, disciplined processes and leading-edge technology.

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xa-Direct provides clients an exclusive, dedicated direct-to-market solution.  Simulating the relationship between a strategic customer and the producer client, XA Direct provides end-user, “Exceptional” customers direct contact with a customized extension of the client’s sales, marketing and technical expertise capabilities.  Under XA Direct, the defined commercial team works exclusively on behalf of a specific client.  In addition, a dedicated ERP, CRM, website and instance of Conntact, Xenon Arc’s proprietary application, is deployed to manage all customer and client interactions and serve as the system of record.  These dedicated resources execute the business plan while measuring, monitoring and managing all aspects of business process, and ensures data integrity and security. This enhanced level of intimacy, combined with the ability to simplify client operations by acting as a single point of contact for hundreds of customers, provides consistent and predictably profitable performance for the client.  Xenon Arc earns revenue from the resale of products to the market place as well as a licensing fee from the producer client.


xa-Distribute provides clients with a semi-exclusive, focused channel-to-market solution.  This offering leverages our industry-leading talent, processes and technologies across multiple product lines for multiple producer clients.  We deliver growth, market performance and customer transparency for participating clients who lack the scale to subscribe to the XA Direct offering.  XA Distribute maximizes selling synergies by only representing complementary products thereby eliminating the potential for channel conflict.   Xenon Arc earns revenue from the resale of products to the market place.

Adopting either model results in benefits for our producer clients.


The acceleration of market share gains and profitability.  Both XA Distribute and XA Direct focus resources on behalf of clients to engage the Exceptional segment using digitization strategies to enhance customer interaction and intimacy.


The leverage and utilization of our digital infrastructure to capture and communicate customer, market, product, and competitive trends to further enhance performance.  The application of best practices and knowledge of segment network to form and evolve the customer and market mosaic.  In addition, develop specific calls-to-action, collaborating with clients to develop new product and process innovations as part of a seamless producer – customer engagement.


The consolidation of the customer network to enhance operating leverage.  The integration of online and offline process to reduce friction and complexity throughout entire supply-chain by profitably delivering small customer volumes at high service levels with consistency, predictability, and flexibility while yielding producer and customer satisfaction.