Paul Warburg, President & Chief Executive

Paul joined Xenon arc in 2014 originally as its chief financial officer before his promotion to president, board member and ultimately, as the company’s chief executive officer.   He blends a dynamic, fast-paced leadership style, and strategic vision with strong operational and financial acumen to deliver results and create significant value for clients, customers and shareholders alike.  

“At the heart of Xenon arc’s performance is an exceptionally talented team with exemplary character and attitude.  Our team-oriented, collaborative approach enables us to accelerate the maturation of diverse ideas into innovative solutions that drive distinct tangible & intangible results.” 

Before Xenon arc, Paul held leadership roles of increasing significance namely at Jarden Corporation, Central Garden & Pet, The NASDAQ Stock Market and Pitney Bowes.

Paul earned his BA in International Relations and MBA in Finance from Boston University. He is an accomplished endurance athlete, golfer and skier.


Alyssa Cunnington, Vice President

With an extensive background in the industrial & food ingredient space, Alyssa brings a strong operational background that leans on building solid infrastructures for delivering meaningful returns for both clients and customers alike.

Alyssa’s career began in the traditional chemical distribution world, where she was responsible for management of several multi-million dollar portfolios for leading chemical manufacturers. She joined Xenon arc early in its inception, wanting to shake up the traditional paradigm of how SMB's are served in the chemical industry. Alyssa has progressed to senior leadership having held numerous leadership roles across Sales, Marketing, and Client Solutions.

“Our model opens the door for producers to have an integrated go-to-market solution that leverages our technology and expertise in the small customer, ‘exceptional market’ - all while having a fully dedicated, exclusive team working on our client's behalf."

Alyssa holds a B.A. in English & Public Relations from Western Washington University.  She currently resides in Kirkland, WA with her husband and two children. She enjoys travelling around the world as well as weekend getaways in the beautiful Pacific NW.


Mica Zuniga, Vice President

Mica has held several leadership roles in business development, and sales & marketing in the chemical industry.  She has a strong passion for leading teams, creating meaningful change and advanced thinking related to increasing value from typically under-served markets.  Consistently recognized for her contribution to her clients’ success, Mica has helped improve profitability and drive exceptional value within these segments.

After working in product portfolio leadership & management with some of the most recognizable brands in the chemical industry, Mica decided to shift her focus toward innovating within the SMB (small to medium business) space and joined Xenon Arc in early 2011. As one of the first team members, Mica has helped the company evolve it’s mission and model during her tenure.

“Xenon arc’s unique and paradigm-shifting model is changing how producers think about their non-traditional customers, markets and activities, helping them create and extract more value across their entire customer and product portfolio.”

Mica is a graduate of University of Washington, with a degree in English Literature.  She’s a mother of two great kids, loves road trips, live music and exploring the pacific northwest.  She’s also a passionate advocate for women in leadership, sitting on the board for the Women’s Global Leadership Initiative since 2017.


Jim Chess, Vice President Finance

James is an accounting, finance, and technology leader that thrives in a fast-paced environment. He is skillful at breaking down complex issues, finding solutions and has a reputation for getting things done.

“I am a strong believer in innovation and supporting entrepreneurial creativity with solid, process-oriented execution.”

Throughout his career, James has applied his extensive M&A, tax, SEC reporting, forecasting, and ERP implementation experiences to a variety of industries including oil, telecommunications, internet, and wholesale distribution. He relishes the innovative, “whitewater” environment of Xenon Arc, developing and implementing disruptive solutions that drive value for all company stakeholders.

James is a native Washingtonian and graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Business Administration-Accounting. He spent many years volunteering in the local community in Rotary, coaching youth sports, and as a school district advisor for high school business curriculum. In his off hours, he spends time with his family and loves live music, skiing, travel, and finding new restaurants.


Jeff Peters, Vice President

Jeff melds market insight, tech-savvy and business acumen with a collaborative approach to client needs, allowing him to shape unique solutions that deliver long term value. Jeff uses sound marketing principles supported by proven business processes and innovative technologies to create sustainable differentiation in the B2B marketplace.

With more than 30 years of experience in chemical distribution at Univar, Jeff held various sales, marketing and leadership positions at both local and corporate levels. He served as Vice President of Business Development at ChemPoint before joining Xenon Arc. He has been a voice of innovation and progress throughout his career in the chemical industry.

“Digitization has leveled the playing field, allowing the ‘David’s’ to effectively compete and win in the marketplace as never before.  Conversely, it allows the ‘Goliath’s’ to directly engage with their small customers more effectively than in the past.  Xenon arc’s direct-to-market business model facilitates the process, cascading each Client’s individual brand promise across the value chain to their unique small customer base .”

Jeff holds a B.S. in Microbiology from Arizona State University.  He enjoys spending time with his family and increasing number of grandchildren while fishing, beekeeping and gardening are passionate pursuits when home in Texas.



Chad Steigers, Founder & Strategic Advisor

Chad began his career in the materials industry by working for large global corporations – Eastman Chemical, Univar, and Vopak – in a series of sales, marketing and commercial management roles.  From these he gained rich experience and understanding across the industry, and also developed his twin passions - using technology innovation to improve business processes, and focusing on and servicing the unique needs of entrepreneurial materials manufacturers and distributors.    

For the last 20 years, Chad has thoroughly enjoyed being the founder, chief executive, technologist, and visionary developer of two innovative B2B business models. In 1999, he was able to put both his passions together to create of, a global “e-distributor” of specialty chemicals.  After exiting ChemPoint in 2010, he then led the founding team of Xenon arc in their development of its uniquely dedicated tech-enabled service model, xa-Direct.  In both cases, Chad successfully guided each company from being a true startup with zero revenues into becoming fast growing, highly profitable, scalable and sustainable businesses, each valued well in excess of $200M.  While still an investor and strategic advisor to Xenon arc, he recently began the work to build his third startup, this time a cloud-based enterprise SaaS model that is currently under development in stealth mode.  

Chad earned his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington State University.  During his free time, he is focused on his family, and the wealth of outdoor activities available in his native Pacific Northwest.  He is also a limited partner in his family’s wheat and cattle operation in North Central Idaho.  


Claudia Mossa

Claudia was a wonderful colleague, person, and a cherished friend.  Xenon Arc will miss her presence, intelligence, smile, and comradery.  One of our earliest employees and an essential contributor to the company’s success, she personified our culture, demonstrating outstanding character, attitude and business savvy.  Godspeed on your journey through heaven Claudia!