Xenon Arc delivers innovation with personality.


Xenon Arc delivers advanced distribution solutions that drive Growth, Insight and Simplicity for industrial materials producers.

At the heart of our Advanced Distribution Solutions is an Analytic Engine fueled by our industry-leading talent, disciplined business processes, and the deployment of leading-edge technologies. Through digitization, the engine produces significant top-line and bottom-line performance; market transparency, customer intimacy and action-oriented insights; and operational simplicity and improved productivity for our producer clients.





xa-Direct provides our clients an exclusive, dedicated direct-to-market solution that drives growth, maximizes market and customer insight, and dramatically simplifies client operations. Simulating the relationship between a strategic customer and our client,

xa-Direct provides the exceptional end-user direct contact with a customized extension of our client’s sales, marketing and technical expertise capabilities. This enhanced level of intimacy, combined with our ability to simplify client operations by acting as a single point of contact for hundreds of customers, provides consistent and predictable profitable growth.

xa-Direct is the ultimate direct-to-market solution.



xa-Distribute provides our clients with a semi-exclusive, focused channel-to-market distribution solution. Sharing high caliber resources, including our industry leading talent and technology, unparalleled execution, and defined business processes, we deliver growth, market performance, and customer transparency into the small-to-mid sized customer bases for our participating clients.

xa-Distribute maximizes selling synergies by only offering complementary products thus eliminating potential for channel conflict.

xa-Distribute is the distribution solution that accomplishes more.


Global producers in the industrial materials industry partner with Xenon Arc to help increase volumes, drive sales, and improve profitability while ensuring high levels of service. This performance is attributable to our unwavering commitment to the Analytic Engine made up of talent, technology, and processes.  


Our teams are custom designed to best promote clients' leading products in the market. We successfully attract individuals with unique skill sets and qualifications to the industry. Developing deep customer intimacy, exceptional services, and resilient can-do attitudes are what set our teams apart. 


We deploy leading edge ERP and CRM solutions combined with our proprietary ConnTact application to deliver real-time transparency into the market. Clients have the ability to significantly enhance demographic planning and operation-management optimization while gleaning end-user data to drive knowledge and efficiency. 


Whether it is our intense discipline for collecting data or relentless mining for opportunities, campaign design and management, market studies, and application development, we abide by measurable and repeatable business processes. Due to our cultural passion for innovation, we are constantly on the look out for new and improved ways to move clients' and customers' interests forward. 


Partner with Xenon Arc to effectively reach and efficiently serve the small-to-medium customers in your channel. 

Leverage our CORE COMPETENCIES to drive growth and improve profitability in this often overlooked and under-appreciated growth segment for producers. 

  • Domain expertise in small-to-mid-sized customers

  • Premium and customizable solutions that drive growth and maximize value

  • Tech-enabled processes and intense focus on customer intimacy 



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Developing a dynamic, smart, connected team with a passion for technology and execution is the cornerstone of Xenon Arc.

Our business rewards curiosity and risk-taking exploration, and we are committed to developing top talent and providing continuous professional enrichment through challenging work with high-caliber teams. 



Your marketplace is changing. Are you changing with it?  Connect with Xenon Arc - forging transformative change is what we do. 

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